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Practicing Positive CBT – Farsi edition

From the Foreword by Prof. Kuyken: “Recent decades have witnessed a surge in the development of competency-based, collaborative approaches to working with clients. Practicing Positive CBT: From Reducing Distress to Building Success reveals how traditional CBT can become Positive CBT, with a shift in the focus of therapy from what is wrong with clients to what is right with them, and from what is not working to what is.

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Drawing on insights and techniques from both Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, internationally renowned expert Fredrike Bannink first reveals how Positive CBT combines the best elements of change-based and meaning-based psychotherapeutic approaches to offer a new perspective on traditional CBT. Bannink then shows how the transition from traditional CBT to Positive CBT represents an important shift from problem analysis to goal analysis, from a focus on deficits and the learning of new behaviors to one that builds on resources and competences the client already possesses, and from reducing distress to building success.

Combining theory and applications with a wide range of stories, practical exercises and case studies, Practicing Positive CBT offers groundbreaking insights on new approaches for the improvement of the psychological well-being of clients and therapists.”

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Includes: Praise for Positive CBT, Contents, About the author, Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgments
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Review: Beter worden in wat we al een beetje doen van Raes.
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“In reading Practicing Positive CBT there is a sense of being in the presence of a gifted, engaging, enthusiastic and inspiring therapist. The book practices what it preaches in supporting therapists to become more effective and successful, and I suspect enjoying their work along the way.”

Professor Willem KuykenProfessor of Clinical Psychology, University of Exeter, UK

“Practicing Positive CBT offers the best constructive vision to date of what CBT can look like when joined with positive psychology and solution focused brief therapy approaches. Bannink highlights positive therapy methods already embedded in CBT and offers a wealth of practical suggestions for how CBT therapists can become more positive in every aspect of therapy. Whether dipping into particular chapters for creative inspiration or studying this book cover to cover, therapists of all experience levels will find value on every page.”

Christine A. PadeskyPhD, Center for Cognitive Therapy, California, USA

“In this masterful and very accessible book Dr. Bannink captures the essential importance of building on positive feelings, motives, imagery, memories and behaviors. The psychology of ‘cultivation,’ so much a focus in Buddhist approaches to human suffering, is brought to life in new ways with extensive knowledge of the research literature. Full of fascinating insights and practical applications, this is a book to change what we focus on and how we work in helping people change. A book to read many times.”

Paul GilbertProfessor of Clinical Psychology, University of Derby, UK

“This book describes Fredrike Bannink's synthesis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. She names this Positive CBT. The emphasis is both on losing negative thoughts, emotions and behavior, and on enhancing positive experiences.
As usual with her work, Fredrike has read very widely, including neuroscience, Appreciative Inquiry, Motivational Interviewing and many variations on the theme of CBT. In the text she demonstrates how to adapt Positive CBT to a number of the existing models and problems. The writing is clear and engaging. There are many illustrations with intriguing and apt stories about humans and other species. Case studies and exercises demonstrate how Positive CBT may be applied.
Fredrike Bannink is also skilled in mediation and conflict management. Given the ideological split between 'traditional' CBT, Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, this book may begin an interesting rapprochement between these therapies and their practitioners.”

Alalsdair J. MacDonaldMB, ChB, FRCPsych, DPM, DCH, Consultant Psychiatrist, UK

“Positive Psychology is a research-based approach. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is often focused on cognitions and behavior that don't serve people well. Fredrike Bannink takes these two approaches, combines them with the best of solution-focused, strength-oriented clinical methods and blends them into a seamless combination that can help any therapist or coach be more effective.
Like discovering the restaurant of a master chef who has invented a new fusion of different culinary traditions, Bannink's approach will leave you excited and satisfied.”

Bill O'HanlonPsychotherapist and author, USA